Most commonly run through our polishing and buffing operations in order to prepare it for paint, powder coat or copper plating.


Used to plate zinc, brass, aluminum and magnesium so that a coponent can then be chrome plated. Before a copper plated part can be chromed, we must run it through a copper buffing operation to ensure removal of minor defects and quality finish.


Components are similar to Zinc and are usually run through polishing and buffing operations to prepare for painting or chrome plating.


A versatile metal that has a variety of finishing solutions. Aluminum brushing, also known as satin finishing provide a raw aluminum look that is similar to the look of stainless steel. This process is then completed with anodizing. Aluminum can also be run through polishing and buffing operations to provide a “Polished Aluminum” or “Billiet Aluminum” look. A third route is to run an aluminum component through polishing and buffing to prepare it for smooth anodizing, painting, or chrome plating.


Plated components are run through a satin finishing process.

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